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Non Fusible Disconnect Switch
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Product: Views:154Non Fusible Disconnect Switch 
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Different operating modes, can be divided indoor operation and outdoor operation. The contacts are made of copper and the cover is made of flame retardant plastic. In low-voltage equipment, The non fusible disconnect switch is mainly suitable for low-voltage terminal distribution systems such as residential buildings and buildings. Main function: with load breaking and connecting lines.

Modular Design

Optional micro switch

The terminal is Copper T3

3-poles or 4-poles

Avoid erroneous operations

Designed according to IEC/ EN 60974-3

Conventional current 400A
Rated current In(A) 315 400
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000
Dielectric strength (V) 8000
Rated surge-resistant voltage Uimp KV
Rated working current
AC-21B 315 400
380V AC-22B 315 400

AC-23B 315 400

AC-21B 315 400
660V AC-22B 315 315


Motor power 380V 160 220
P (Kw) 660V 185 185

1.For isolating the power supply, disconnect the low voltage service equipment from the live equipment with a clearly visible break point between them.

2. The non fusible disconnect switch cooperates with the circuit breaker and performs the switching operation according to the needs of the system operation mode to change the wiring mode of the system operation.

3. Used to turn on or off the small current circuit.

Safety switches are effective for disconnecting equipment and circuits from their power source in a swift and safe manner. These tools are utilized in many ways in many industrial and commercial sectors, including being used for safe service entrance, safe disconnect for maintenance and testing, fault protection for motorized equipment, and for emergency stoppage in the event of a complication.