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Panel Disconnect Switch
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HGL type panel disconnect switch Suitable for AC 50HZ, rated voltage 400V/690V, rated current 125A, 160A. 3 poles & 4 poles. Different operating modes, can be divided indoor operation and outdoor operation. The contacts are made of copper and the cover is made of flame retardant plastic.

Modular Design

Optional micro switch

The terminal is Copper T3

3-poles or 4-poles

Avoid erroneous operations

Designed according to IEC/ EN 60974-3

Conventional current 160A
Rated current In(A) 125 160
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000
Dielectric strength (V) 8000
Rated working current
AC-21B 125 160
380V AC-22B 125 160

AC-23B 125 160

AC-21B 125 160
660V AC-22B 125 160

AC-23B 80 80
Motor power 380V 63 80
P (Kw) 660V 75 75

For general power transmission operation: firstly panel disconnect switch, and then close the circuit breaker or panel disconnect switch.

When the panel disconnect switch is powered off: first disconnect the circuit breaker or load switch, then disconnect the isolating switch.

When choosing, it is no different from other electrical equipment. It must be rated voltage, rated current, dynamic steady current, and thermal stable current.

The function of the panel disconnect switch is to disconnect the circuit without load current. The device to be repaired has obvious disconnection point from the power source to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel. The panel disconnect switch has no special arc extinguishing device and cannot cut off the load current and short circuit current. Therefore, the panel disconnect switch must be operated only when the circuit is disconnected from the circuit breaker.

1 How long is your products warranty ?

A: The warranty period of our products is 18 months.


2 What is the material of your products?

A: The plastic is class V0 of inflaming retarding.


3 How about inspection?

A: We have the whole inspection system from raw material to end products include temperature rise test,salt spraying test conductor type test,mechanical life test.


4 What do you have for certificate?

A: Our products are passed through IEC60947-3 and IEC60269-2 standarded.


5 What is payment terms?

A: T.T,Paypal,Western Union and L/C isacceptable.