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Main Disconnect Switch
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HGL type main disconnect switch is used for AC 50HZ, rated voltage 400V/690V, rated current 125A, 160A. 3 poles & 4 poles, is used for circuit switching and segmentation, as well as electrical isolation.

Conventional current 160A
Rated current In(A) 125 160
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 1000
Dielectric strength (V) 8000
Rated working current
AC-21B 125 160
380V AC-22B 125 160

AC-23B 125 160

AC-21B 125 160
660V AC-22B 125 160

AC-23B 80 80
Motor power 380V 63 80
P(Kw) 660V 75 75

The Main Disconnect Switch Has The Following Features:

1. An electrical interval is provided during the inspection of electrical equipment and is a clearly visible disconnect point to safeguard the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

2. The main disconnect switch can not be operated with load: it can not be operated with rated load or large load, and can not divide and combine the load current and short-circuit current, but the arc extinguishing chamber can be operated with small load and no-load line.

AC disconnects are helpful where circuit breakers are not accessible. They provide a safer and quicker means to shut off all the power. AC disconnects are available in a variety of styles and amps value.

In the article below, we have a list of 5 best AC disconnects. Each of them has its own Amps value and features. Their specs are thoroughly discussed. Also, some buying guides are there to let you have an idea of them.